fork in the path
Thoughts evoked
      Stirred en masse
Thoughts I hadn't considered
      In a very long time

Questions asked
      of my mind,
            my heart
            my soul

Is it better off this way
      or that?
Am I better off with
      or without?

The saying goes:
"If you love someone,
            set them free.
      If they come back,
            they're yours,
      If not,
            they never were."
But what if,
      In the act of setting them free,
      they are hurt so deeply,
      They are afraid to return?

Is it best
      to try new things
            and lose stability
      or to stay tied down
            and miss oppertunity?

I don't even know
      whether to discuss this with him
      or to keep it hidden,
      tucked inside myself
      until I decide

I cannot imagine
      life without him
I cannot imagine
      never doing anything else
I cannot fathom
      my ability to cope with either
      or his to accept things
            for how I decide

The next step is a shakey one
Will I balance and move on
Or will I fall and be crushed?