At Length
          Anything you do for me
        Death more welcome than your absence
          Angel of my heart
            Your embrace
              Any time I think of you
            Purple thoughts
          After your sight I feel refreshed
        Relax with your touch
      Time and Time again
    Forgo all thoughts
      Every breath I take
        Every move I make
          Leave all your troubles in the past
            Sentimental me and you
              Love perhaps too weak a word
            In practice we are very lucky
          Kill the thought of separation
        Everything I fear is there
      Forget all thoughts of unhappiness
        Open up your heart to me
          Realize my love for you
            Empty your mind of all pain
              Variations on a heartfelt theme
                Eternity would be empty without you
                  Reality disappears

        Finally, there is a light
          Open is my heart
            Really, only you are important
              Everything you do for me
                Verify your love for me
                  Eternity a hell without you
                    Repeat your pain no more
                      Typical is far from us
                    Oragami almost as complex
                  Gather your hopes and share with me
                Everything you feel, all you see
              Take the time to love me slowly
            Hearts beat together, two as one
          Eternity too short to be
        Reality comes over me
      Fix your heart in time with mine
        Every breath you take
          Every move you make
            Love perhaps too weak a word
              Sweetness in our lives
                Luck has shown her pretty face
              If time is scarce, we still make do
            Kiss me now, kiss me later
          Embrace me, I need you to
        Arising sun is very beautiful
          Death is blissfully far away
        Await the time for the world to end
      Yesterday was full of pain.