Random paragraph of explaination
A poem exists for one person only: the poet. Without the poet, the poem would not exist; take any other person out of the picture, and it might. To force poetry is to rob freedom; to analyze it is to dissect it. Poetry isn't merely written, it is concieved. It is up to the poet to nurture it, to feed it, to raise it properly, so that it flows. An awkward poem is a poorly-raised poem; the author of too many such poems a poor parent. Poetry is a gift; always given in different ways; it is up to the poet to cooperate with it, rahter than to fight with it. No two poems are the same; some express thoughts, some feelings, some emotions. All poems are gateways to the soul of the poet; to share poetry is to share the deepest darkest secrets the poet has to offer; a sacrafice, yet a chance to begin anew.
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