The Real Me
Is in the eye of the
Some say
I am cute
But when I look
In the mirror
I don't see
The real me.

The real me isn't blond
The real me doesn't have blue eyes
The real me has waist legnth hair,
But not so easily managed.
The real me has a crooked face,
A rounded nose.
The real me wears glasses
And has had braces
All her life.

Every time I see
The girl in the mirror,
I ask if it is me.
For I cannot feel how I look.
I cannot see how
Blessed with "beauty"
Can be with me

It seems as though
All my luck
Is in my looks
Instead of my life,
My relations.

The face in the mirror
Is someone else.
It is someone with
External beauty,
It is someone with
A figure.

The real me has mousy hair
Not quite wavy, not quite straight
A few more pimples,
But not too bad.
The real me has hazel eyes
Persistant yellow-brown.

I am living someone else's life.