Normal People Scare Me
Normal people Scare me.

I don't know what it is,
that scares me about them

Maybe it's the attitude
that they're normal
and I'm a Freak
because I like women
and I am one
or else it's because
I actually show emotion
and care about my friends
instead of pretending
everything is Good
and everyone is my Friend
(until something Bad happens)

Or maybe it's their
sheep-like attitude,
unable to think for themselves
(or choosing not to)
and instead doing things
because it's cool
and because
"Everyone else is doing it!"
Fucking lemmings.

I'd rather do things I enjoy
I'd rather read a book
or write a program
than watch television
I'd rather be out
fucking my boyfriend
or flirting with women
than go out with my Friends
who are sheep just like me
wondering what they think of me
when they're doing
the same fucking thing
and don't give a shit
about anyone else.

Normal people Scare me.