Someone the other day
    told me
That I should find God.
"Fuck you," I said,
"I AM God
    in my universe."

So they called me a sinner
And told me to repent
Or I would go to Hell.
"Fuck You," I said,
"It's your hell.
It doesn't exist for me.
Didn't you hear me?
I AM God in my universe.
I make my own rules."

Sin is a word
    invented to explain guilt
Made up by the same people
Who insist sex is Bad
Along with anything else
    that is fun to do.

Well HELLO people
We're the only species
on this fucked-up planet
Who curse our means
    of procreation
If sex were a Bad Thing
none of us would be alive.

Go ahead and get Religion
    if you want.

But I'm still God
    in my universe.