"Wha'cha thinking?"

I remember when I was a little girl I'd watch the stars out the car window on my way home from my grandma's house. I thought it was a long trip then; it took a good 40-45 minutes to get there. Now, of course, it doesn't seem so long, because my commute to work is 25 minutes by itself. Amazing how things get smaller when you get older.

I was thinking about it because I found myself sitting in my fiance's car staring out the window at the stars on the same stretch of road that goes to my grandma's house. Of course, thinking about this got me thinking about my grandma, and how lonely she must be since my grandpa passed away in January. I thought about going to visit her, then quickly realized she wouldn't appreciate a visitor at 4 in the morning. But I still thought about her, and how I was never really close to anyone in my family. I was even a little afraid of my grandparents; my sister and I stayed overnight once or twice (at both grandparents' houses) and every time I didn't want to, though I never said so. I had no reason for that; just that I didn't want to sleep there. It wasn't afraid of not being in my own bed because I had no problem with camping or slumber parties. Just another irrational fear in the mind of a little girl.