I received an email today (okay, yesterday... it's 1am; as far as I'm concerned it's still Monday) from someone who wrote to tell me that he was a normal person and there was no reason why I should hate him.

Say what?

It appears that he was under the misconeception that I hate Christians because they're Christians. Now, while it's true that I can't stand people shoving their religion in my face and Christians seem the most inclined to do such a thing, I don't see anything on this web site that can be read as "Sierra hates Christians." Hell, as individuals, I get along with most Christians rather well. I have a handful of friends that I know are Christian and a hell of a lot more that are Christian and I just don't know about it because it's never come up. Honestly, I don't care. As long as you leave me alone about religion I'll do the same for you. I have a very good friend who is mormon and follows all the rules that go along with that particular religion (just as an example). Sometimes he questions my lifestyle and beliefs, but it's out of curiosity more than anythng else.

So, let me clear a few things up.

First, "hate" is a very stong word. I reserve that emotion only for those who have done me personal wrong. Yes, there are a few people that I hate, but they are extremely few and far between, and it's never for anything as petty as being Christian. Hell, I'm a bisexual and a pagan, and I have polyamorous tendancies, and I'm female to boot. I'm the last person to hate someone for no good reason.

Second, I'm a very strong believer in getting to know someone before forming opinions about them. I can feel auras fairly well, so I may decide quickly whether or not I like someone, but those decisions are not based in what they believe or what sort of lifestyle they partake in, but rather a gut feeling about their personality based on at least a little bit of interaction with them. 99% of the time my gut feelings about someone are right... and that's not to say that someone I don't like isn't a good person, it's just that I will never get along wih them very well for whatever reason.

Third, my beef with Christianity has nothing to do with 90% of the Christians I have met. It has everything to do with the other 10%. When the first few words out of your mouth upon meeting have to do with God and your religion, no I won't dislike you right off, but I will be suspicious. And I feel that I have reason to be. I'm a bisexual pagan, and I let people know that. When someone involves God in every aspect of their life, eventually they're going to say something that rubs me the wrong way. If I lived somewhere more heavily Christian-oriented than California, I would pobably have been beaten up a few times in my adult life and raped several more. And it would have been "my fault".

So, keep your religion to yourself, or even share it with me, but don't try to convert me, and don't tell me about how Jesus saves (and you can too!), and we will probably get along just fine. And if you do decide to try to convert me and tell me about how I should find religion (specifically, yours), I might feel to inclined to tell you about how wonderfully potent menstrual blood is in rituals, and I know you don't want to hear about that. Believe me, I've already weighed my religious options. The Christian concept of "God" just doesn't agree with what I have observed about the world.

P.S. I can't proofread worth shit at 2am.