I've always been a very good listener. I also have a "healer"-type personality, and I certainly seem to fit the description. I love helping people. I'm very good at listening to them, and finding out what they need, and helping them find their answers. It's a very fulfilling skill to have.

But sometimes the healers need healing. And I do need some; there are bits of me that need to get out but I haven't been able to find where to start unraveling them. So just under a year ago I started talking to Tyson, who also has a very healer-type personality, and I thought by spending time with him, he could help me heal myself.

Funny how things work sometimes.

I'm the one who's been helping, and he's the one who's been healing. He did need it more than I, though I didn't notice at the beginning. Most of his healing has stemmed simply from my love for him and my refusal to give up, despite what I've gone through to get where we are. It took him a long time to start showing improvement, but now he's making it in leaps and bounds. The fruits of my labor are paying off, though our task is not completed.

Though that leaves me behind in a way. I've done a small amount of healing in our time together, but not nearly the amount I would need to even start unraveling the meat of the matter. If only I knew where to start... once I've started something, I can nearly always follow through on my own. I'm quite good at that. Starting is the hard part.