I started school early. For some reason today I remembered my first day of kindergaten, or at least part of it. Our first assignment was to color name things for our cubbyholes and it had a picture of Snoopy on it. I was four.

(Oops, there I go chipping off my nail polish again...)

Actually, I know why I was remembering it (now how is a completely different question... I don't know the answer to that one). It was because I had printed out a maze from the random maze generator and was doing it in my slightly-warped style. My slightly-warped style consists of finding a dead in, then filling it in with a pencil until I come to a fork. Then I find another dead end and do the same thing. When I'm done, all that's left is the solution. Then I'll either leave it or color it green (depending on whether or not I brought my colored pencil with me to work). Sometimes I do a varient on the whole thing, but it's essentially the same.

Anyway, I forgot to order a refil on my paxil soon enough so I ran out Friday night (and just my luck that they're closed on weekends). So today I'm going without, and about 3pm I started feeling the withdrawls. To give you an idea of what this is like, one way to explain it is to imagine you're a raw egg. Your insides and outsides move slightly independant of each other. If that doesn't show you, it's like I'll move, and then I'll feel it. Not entirely pleasant. Mostly just a minor annoyance.

A coworker mentioned that he was curious to see whether I could still stay within the lines on one of those mazes, so I printed out a small one to test it. While it was printing, I remembered the first day of kindergarten.

We had the assignment to color the picture of Snoopy with our names on it for our cubbyholes. I went and did the assignment in full four-year-old glee. When I was done, I turned it in... and got scolded for it. Why? Because I didn't even try to stay in between the lines.

Well, I was four.

Apparently the teacher didn't seem to take into consideration that at four years old, most kids color that way. The get the picture, and put random pretty colors all over it. I had no idea it was wrong. But I got scoded. It seemed very unfair to me at the time.

That's how I learned how to color.