Memory Album

Random bits of memories floating around in my head... these people aren't all the same people but I'm not naming names. Don't associate any of these with each other because if you do then you get the wrong picture. :) I'm trying to be chronological though.

I remember knowing he was 8.

I remember picturing his hair growing so long it covered the earth... a mental image of the world about the size of a house with him standing on top and his hair covering it all.

I remember him bringing my hand toward him and I remember me pulling it away as quick as I could.

I remember going to my friend's house with a stain on my leotard.

I remember grossing them out on the playground.

I remember he told me I was too weird.

I remember putting electric wiring in the dollhouse.

I remember "That would imply that they fuck."

I remember square dancing.

I remember our first hug. But not our first kiss.

I remember the last time we were together, together.

I remember Matinee.

I remember the superbowl party, and what happened afterwards.

I remember Disneyland. And the hotel.

I remember not liking being touched.

I remember the pool of his sweat in my bellybutton.

I remember talking to him by the river.

I remember "you're a beautiful person."

I remember being neglected.

I remember wanting them both.

I remember the first tattoo.

I remember "Snowman!" in that annoying voice of hers.

I remember "we both like you."

I remember listening to lorena McKennit by candlelight and falling in love again.

I remember late last night.