Napkin Holders

I'm going to get really petty here for a bit, but this is something that really bugs me.

How hard is it to correctly fill a napkin holder? Most places seem to get the napkins in the holder just fine... but 90% of the time they seem entirely unable to do so in a way that makes it easy for the customers to get the napkins back out of the holders.

Okay, granted, there are four possible ways to put the napkins in the holders and only one of those will yeild an easy way to get the napkins out again, but still, it's not that difficult to notice that you don't have them in the right way, open the napkin holder back up, and put them in correctly. Doing so will save customers a lot of trouble, as well as saving you a lot of napkins so the customers don't have to dig into the side a grab about ten when they only needed two (which is what I usually end up doing). Also, by stuffing the napkin holders so full that a tug-of-war ensues when one tries to get a single napkin isn't very bright either.

Filling a napkin holder doesn't take a lot of brain power, and doing it correctly doesn't take a lot of time. Please, if filling napkin holders is part of your job, take the time to check that people can get the napkins back out of the holder.