Yet another person has asked me why I put all this stuff about me up on the web for the whole world to see. Why do I do it? Well, because it's there, I told him. Here I have this space and I can do whatever I want with it. It started with the poetry. I put some of my favorite poems online. Then I added some stories. Those were quickly followed by a links page and a brief bio. Not long after that I started my Cafè. For a while, that's all there was, and then I started dabbling in Digital Art and added a gallery. Bit by bit, I thought of things I could put in my space. The result is the web site you see before you, as well as a handful of others in various other places, mostly on GeoCities, about things that I don't necessarily want on my personal web space. See? Even I have stuff hidden.

This is bad, I'm starting to type in HTML even though I'm not coding this page yet. I think my brain is turning into one giant web page or something.

So, am I worried about my safety after putting all of this stuff online? In a word, no. Why should I be? Well, I'm a young (but street legal), attractive, bisexual woman, with my full name and email address and clues as to where exactly I live, place of employment, etc. on my web page. I also have looks into my mind scattered all over the place, and seem to be somewhat witty and not a bad artist at all. Not to mention that I do have my full address in full view elsewhere on the 'net. Finding me is no difficult task.

So why aren't I? Well, all of that info is out there because I have nothing to hide. I'm legit; I'm flesh and blood and I'm exactly what I say I am. I'm not worried because despite all those stories that you may have heard about women meeting men they first met online who then proceeded to kill them and what have you, in the year-plus that I've had this web page online (not to mention the long time before that that I've been on the internet), I have not once recieved an email, phone call, anything that suggests I may be in danger from anyone. Not once. Sure, there's a first time for everything, but until I get something that remotely suggests that I'm in some kind of danger, I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing. Oh, sure, I get the occasional "I want to suck your pussy and make you forget about all those women" email, but I forward it off to my fiancè, he deals with them, and I never hear from the same dick twice. Besides, those are usually in response to a personal ad or newsgroup posting, not my web page. I get the occasional troll off the web page too, but those I just ignore and they go away. If they don't go away, I report it to their provider, and then they go away. I know what I'm doing.