Mental Snapshots

Yes, Jon, this has a lot to do with Star Trek. But it has more to do with you. And I was going to write this anyway; it's not just because you wanted me to update my page. :P

Those moments where you can live your whole life... I never seem to forget my view at those moments. I think I'd had one before... was right after I'd lost my virginity. I'm not going to describe the scene because quite frankly it wasn't that attractive but I'll never forget the moment... and despite the strangeness of the view the memory is an extremely good one.

The more recent is something far more worth describing. Saturday night I wasn't quite feeling as playful as usual but I wasn't feeling bad or anything. Jon asked me to wear that purple nightie that looks so good on me and I asked him to put on the new Lorena McKinnet CD. Between those and the oil lamps and the scent of incense I suppose that the universe was just asking for one of those moments. We were lying in bed and I was looking into his eyes and I just fell in love with him all over again. And that moment will always be somewhere in my mind... I lived my life in that moment and I will never forget it.

Jon and I met three years ago or thereabout. We were both online the same BBS and we met at somet gathering or another. At the time I was in a fairly serious relationship so nothing happened between us but we each looked forward to talking to the other online. Jon tells me he wanted me like nothing else back then and I was attracted to him as well but kept that hidden from myself since I was in a fairly serious relationship at the time. Jon moved to Seattle and we talked a few times in the meantime but gradually we lost contact.

When I got my new job (two and a half years after he left for Seattle) they put me with this guy for training who looked incredibly familiar. And he figured out from where we knew each other... it was Jon. We talked in email for a few days and talking became flirting and flirting became... well, you get the idea. So not quite two months later Jon and I are spending as much time as possible together and trying to find ways to see each other even more.

And I am the happiest I've been my entire life.