My Style

Okay, you've read all of my poetry, my "About Me" page, you've been on my notification list for a month, and you know my coming out page like the back of your hand. So what's up with my writing style?

Well, I tend to write like I talk: conversationally. In other words, I mostly don't think about what I'm going to say until I say it. Which means I tend to ramble, so really this whole web site probably belongs in my "Random Thoughts" section. But this is still a fairly new part of my page (hell, I don't even have the title graphic for it yet), and I already wrote all of those.

So what if I ramble? It's more me that way. I've always sucked at writing essays for that very reason: I have a hard time formatting papers so that they're actually easy to follow. I'd rather ramble on about something and figure that eventually I'll get to the point, though usually it turns out to be a little buried.

Anyway, if you don't like it, then tough. It's how I am. Go somewhere else and leave me alone if that's how you feel. But personally, I think a page put together like this is a lot friendlier, and more like you're actually there talking to the person instead of staring at a bunch of different colored pixels on a computer screen.