Tech Support

Tech support isn't free.

I know that you think a lot of it is free to you when you call up because you don't have to pay anything right then, but not even that tech support is free. It still costs money to the company that is taking your call. Employees cost money, phone bills cost money, computers that the employees work on cost money, phone systems cost money.

It is actually very expensive to run a tech support center. And what do you think the company does to pay for it? Eat the cost? No. They pass it on to you by adding the cost of it onto the price of whatever product you're getting the tech support for.

So the next time you bitch that you don't have free tech support from company x or your support period has expired, remember this: the more tech support is available to you for "free," the more the product it's for will cost. Because it has to be paid for somehow.