Time to write things down.

In this case the thing I'm writing down is "How I met my boyfriend." Sounds like a school assignment or something. Whatever.

Anyway, we met at Java City in Sacramento, CA. No, not a random meeting. We met because we were there for a multi-user gathering for a local BBS (yes, this is the same BBS where I met that chick who helped me come out). I was 16 or 17 at the time, and involved. Of course, neither of those would have stopped him from doing anything, but then neither of us were in the emotional condition to act on the feelings that we both felt¹. We talked a bit online (both before and after we met) but were never more than casual friends. Then he moved to Seattle.

He was there for two years. I heard from him periodically² when he was there through a different BBS that had a connection to a BBS in Seattle. He had fun in the band he was in but for the most part he was miserable there. After about two years a friend of his (who I also know from the originally mentioned BBS) talked him into moving back here. He returned to Sacramento in March of 1998.

Meanwhile, I was still here the whole time screwing my head up a bit. I broke up with the guy I was seeing when I met Jon, I started seeing someone else, I got engaged, I got a girlfriend, I broke up with the guy (by now it's after March but before we met again), I started seeing a couple, I broke up with the girl, I got my head on straight. Then the couple broke up with me and then I found a job.

Enter the new job's method of training. We sat in a classroom setting³ for most of the day and if the day's materials were finished early, we sat in on a few phone calls. This went on for about a week and then we were thrown into the water and told to swim.

Wednesday of that first week I was paired with Jon. We played the "I know you!" game for a bit and once we'd figured out who each other was, we were generally rather happy to have re-met each other. We took lunch together (we had been finished especially early that day) and caught up on life a bit. The goal for each of us, I think, was to find out if the other was single. And we both were.

We talked in email and IRC over the next few days, and then that weekend we were both on fairly late at night and decided it would be fun if I came over. Well, if you can't guess what happened then you probably don't need to know. We've been seeing each other ever since. There have been a few times that were rather rocky at the beginning, but now that that's all straightened out, things are going great.

And I've never been happier. :)

1: We found this out from discussions later on.
2: About two or three times but that's as much my fault as his. :)
3: No desks, but we had a whiteboard and it was a lot of one person lecturing and the new people taking notes.