Woman Space

I'm a big fan of woman space. No, I don't hate men. Men are cool, most of the time. It's just that the few bad apples tend to spoil things for everyone else and tend to make me not want to do anything that isn't woman space. In IRC, I tend to go to women-only channels, because the men I tend to find there are rude and obnoxious. But occasionally I'll come across a man that I get along with, and then I tend to become fairly good friends with them. But that doesn't stop me from staying in the women-only channels.

I'm like that with mailing lists as well. I'm in a fairly large number of them, and most are women-only lists. Most of us don't hate men. We just need time off from them every once in a while. And it's a general agreement that when it's not women space, the men have a habit of taking it over and dominating the conversation, and the women have a hard time being heard.

So why is it that men also want to invade the women space? Is it an ego thing, where they can't believe that women would ever want to spend time away from them? Is it a chauvinistic thing, and they think that a woman's place is never without men? Is it just plain curiosity? I don't know. I suppose for every man invading woman space it's different. But the bottom line is that if you're male, and you're thinking about invading woman space, even if it's to harmlessly lurk for a while just to see what it's like, please don't do it. Every woman is there for a slightly different reason, but their common thread is that if it wasn't woman space, they wouldn't be there. When I know something is woman space, I like it to stay that way.