The Web

So what is it with this obsession I have with my web page? I panic if I go a day without doing something to it. I always have to be adding something, and if I don't have anything to add, I have to change something. And, (ahem), if I don't have anything to add or to change, I do housecleaning and looking up old links and then writing about it. (Sierra looks pointedly at herself.)

Even if I do have something that I'm working on but can't publicize yet because 1) it's not finished, and 2) I don't quite have permission to work on it yet, I feel like I'm missing something because my "What's New" page hasn't been updated in a couple of days. This is getting so bad I was tempted today to put my journal back online just to give myself something to do. Er, that's back online with my main pages. It's still online, just elsewhere.

And that brings me to my thing about needing to reveal everything to the world. It's very difficult for me to not link to this Mystery Project, even though most of the links don't work on it yet because most of the pages aren't written yet, and even if they were I'd get into some legal trouble if I did it because I don't have permission to write it. (For those who are dying to know, let's just say I'm reproducing in HTML a "Choose Your Own Adventure"-type book that was written 12 years ago.) I want to put my journal back online because, even though I try my dammedest not to show it, I'm egotistical as all hell. Yes, folks, this page exists for the sole purpose of showing myself off, and I can't help but take a daily peek to see how many people want to read about me. And I'm becoming less and less surprised that the answer is "quite a few". And that's feeding this ever-growing ego of mine, and I've gotten to the point where I expect people to like my web page.

A good example of this cockiness is when I was at the mall the other day, and stepped into an electronics store to see what WebTV was like. I hadn't seen it before and wanted to see if it was as bad as I expected. To my delight, it wasn't. There were things that bothered me about it, but all in all it wasn't half as bad as I had expected it to be. I didn't get to see the email interface, but I imagine it wasn't all that bad. And, to its credit, it did have one thing that I thought was better than any computer I've ever used: I like the radio button. Okay, so I notice weird things.

Anyway, my ego. (This page isn't in "Random Thoughts" for nothing. *grin*) Okay, I was in the electronics store playing with WebTV. You can guess, I'm sure, what I tested it on. My own web page, what else? I was showing off, I'll admit it. And for a short while I had an audience. I was so proud. *grin*

Okay, I've lost my point. I like rambling, that's for sure. I think my ego is getting to be almost as big as the Web, at any rate.

Even though I try my dammedest not to show it.